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Thinking outside the Brick
July-August 2011

Mud Brick has existed in Ladakh’s built environment for centuries.  This exhibition recognised and commended that, as the same time dispelling any prejudices against mud brick as an antiquated, fragile and poor architectural medium.
As part of LAMO’s response to the flood and need to look at traditional architectural practices an exhibition on the techniques and potentials of mud brick architecture was held.  The idea was to celebrate the social, economic and environmental advantages of using mud bricks. 
“Thinking outside the Brick” was both a didactic and projective exhibition on the techniques and potentials of mud brick architecture.  It explored the construction of mud brick architecture and discussed its relevance over other building materials.
The exhibition looked at the history of mud brick in Ladakh, an explanation of the materials and processes used in making mud brick, instructions on how to most effectively design mud brick architecture for the Ladakhi climate and a guide to the structural properties and potentialities of different mud brick architectural applications.  The idea was not to only show mud brick as a historical practice but how it could be used in contemporary design contexts as well.
The exhibition was designed, curated and set up by Taylor Lowe and Camille Lacadee, from the Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, and their students in consultation with LAMO.

Paper Airplane Project
The Paper Airplane Project is an interactive workshop that engages children to explore their creativity, collaborate and provide an introduction to process-based art. Baptist Coelho uses the construction of paper airplanes as a communication tool for children to express themselves, while visualizing their dreams and aspirations. The Paper Airplane Project was developed from Coelho’s installation entitled, RE(WIND), 2006. This site-specific work consisted of paper airplanes, which appear to fly into a room through an open window. The project encouraged children to construct paper airplanes, incorporate ideas about adulthood and create art works...more

The Crane Workshop
Volunteers from the Tara Trust in Mumbai held a 4 day workshop at the LAMO Centre over a period of 3 weeks. As part of goodwill and support to children who were victim to Japan’s tsunami last year, this workshop required children ages 7-15, from different schools in Leh living in and around the Old Town neighbourhood took part in the workshop. The first part of the workshop for children included paper-crane making...more

Wash Exhibition
The exhibition covered the findings of the Water, Hygiene and Sanitation Survey carried out as a part of The Neighbourhood Project by LAMO with the help of Abeer Gupta (Resource Person) initially and later in Sept/October 2010 by LAMO with resource person Shalabh Mittal. SDTT (Sir Dorabji Tata Trust) and J&K Tourism Ministry have supported the exhibition as a part of The Old Town Study Project...more

Basic fine art foundation Workshop
As a student of modern art I thought it would be helpful to have a basic fine art foundation workshop with younger students in Leh, especially for those students who want to take art from just a hobby to a serious career. I felt that with some fine art foundation basics, students would be able to practice and further develop their interest and skills so that when they go for an entrance examination for higher studies in art, they know their basics and they do well...more


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paper plane workshop

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