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Graffiti-Painting Workshop
Juhi Pandey, from the Tara Trust (Goa), held a two-day graffiti-painting workshop with children from the Old Town, Leh, where the children played interactive games and also learned the art form of graffiti.

The Living Tree
A workshop with Nuala Powers from the Avalokitesvara Trust.  Nuala talked about the value of water and trees to our lives, reading stories on the subject to the children from Old Town.  Children responded by talking about the Indus River and the barren landscape of Ladakh. They made a gift-giving tree and several depictions of the river using painting and collage methods.

In-Service teachers visit LAMO
Organised through DIET (District Institute of Education and Trainings, Leh), group visits by in-service teachers took place at LAMo alongside their training programs. Teachers learnt about the history and importance of Old Town, architecture of heritage buildings as well as LAMO’s work. They were also shown the resources at the Library, specifically the children’s books section, and encouraged to use it.

First frames - In the footsteps of early explorers
1st September to 1st November 2012

This photographic exhibition showcased the work of Li Gotami, August Herman Francke and the Archaeological Survey of India.
Francke was a Moravian Missionary who came to Ladakh at the end of the 19th century; apart from his mission work he was also an avid scholar and wrote many books on the history of Ladakh, religious practices and archaeological findings.  His photographs are among some of the earliest visual representations of Ladakh, the images at this exhibition are from the collection of the Leiden Museum.
Li Gotami was an artist and a photographer.  Formerly known as Rati Petit, she came from a Parsi family from Mumbai, and went to study in Shantineketan. There she met her husband Lama Govinda and the two travelled to western Tibet in the 1940s. These photos are from her travels in that region.
The Archaeological Survey of India was set up in 1861; photographs taken by various surveyors are amongst some of the first visual images of historical sites in India.
The exhibition was held by The National Museum Institute (Delhi), along with the Archaeological Survey of India, Chhatarpati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sanghralaya (Mumbai) and the Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council. It was held at Leh Palace and the LAMO Centre.

Author Workshops
Since the end of 2012, LAMO initiated an outreach program through the library known as ‘Explore Learning Beyond the Confines of Syllabi’. The objective of these workshops is to provide opportunities to students to interact with authors from Ladakh and other parts of the world, to share their knowledge and learn from them the process of research and writing. The aim is to promote a library culture and interest in reading books, which is not very common in Ladakh.
Workshops have been held with the following authors:

  • Nawang Tsering Shakspo, author of The Culture Of Ladakh through Song and Dance
  • Abdul Ghani Sheikh, author of Ladakh: Tehzeeb-O-Saqafat
  • Professor T  Dawa Tsangspa, author of Ladakh Book of Records.
  • Jigmet Nurboo, Urdu Poet and author of Ibteda–e-Khayal.
  • Tsering Sonam, author of Ajanta of  Ladakh Gon – Nila – Phuk Meditation Caves Saspol


Painting workshop
As part of the Old Town Exhibition, a painting workshop was held with six artists, graduates or currently students in BA Fine Art Programs.  The artists responded to the Old Town of Leh as well as visual images from their villages and Ladakhi life. At the conclusion of the workshop, their work was exhibited at the LAMO Centre.


living tree

crane workshop

frames 1Inauguration of ‘First Frames’ exhibition at Leh Palace

frames 2Shri Nawang Rigzin Jora, Minister for Tourism and Culture, Jammu & Kashmir, and Shri Rigzin Spalbar, Chief Executive Councillor, at the opening of the exhibition ‘First Frames’ at the LAMO Centre.





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