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An introduction

Munshi House
before restoration

Survey & documentation
of the existing building


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in August 2007

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    Munshi House before restoration - Part 1 | Part 2    

The interior of the Rabsal Room was richly
decorated with painted wall patterns, carved
and painted beams, pillars and screens, and
plaster modeling on the capitals. The room
and severe structural problems however, with
subsidence of pillars and beams, and movement
and cracks in the east wall, caused by
inadequate foundations.



The internal courtyard of the Munshi House
before restoration, showing the collapsing
front of the Chokhang (left), the massive
stone wall which was formerly part of the
Kalon House, and the remains of the
Shelkhang, taken down before the house
was vacated in the 1980s.


Plaster fireplace in room below Chokhang



Small window and internal wooden screen in the
Rabsal Room



In the Chokhang, as well as water damage through the roof, both the central beam and the screen behind were deformed by the weight of the lantern above and inadequate foundations.

Click here to view: Part 1 | Part 2


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