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    Restoration - Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4    

Work started on site in June 2006 with the rebuilding of the fallen walls around the entrance yard, and then the construction of a stone and brick buttress at the east to consolidate the surviving fragment of the lost Kalon House front wall.
The front wall of the Chokhang was badly cracked and leaning. The willow stick was carefully removed, the floor and roof the Chokhang propped, and the brick front wall taken down. After replacing broken joists and re-aligning the lower floor door screen, the wall was rebuilt in new matching brick and the door and windows refitted.
Re-aligning the centre pillar in the Chokhang after jacking up the main beam under the roof lantern. In the room below a new beam and central pillar on a stone foundation were built to carry the load from the Chokhang.


New full length roof joists being installed to carry the weight of the heavy brick lantern, which had broken the brickwork and twisted the decorated beam and screen below.
All this work had to be very carefully undertaken without disturbing and damaging the wall paintings inside the lantern.

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