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An introduction

Munshi House
before restoration

Survey & documentation
of the existing building


Building Materials

The team on site
in August 2007

The Library and reading




    The team on site in August 2007    

The Munshi House was rebuilt 2006-2010 by
Shabir Ahmed, Masons Abdul Rehman, Mohammed Khalil, Mansoor, Irshat Ahmed, Gulam Mohammed, Nazir Ahmed, Rafiz,  Mistri Sonam Wangchuk Kanjipa, Mistri Sonam Dorje, Tinle Dorje, Tinlas Rabgyas, Kunchok Sandup,

Mistri Sonam Dorje Skurbuchen, Mistri Tashi Dorje, Mistri Tsewang Namgyal, Mistri Angchuk One, Mistri Angchuk Two, Carpenters Tsering Phuntsok, Skalzang, Jigmet Stobgyas, Bola, Sharma, Sanjay, Dubudas, Rasool Azam, Ammantullah, Electrician Ferdoz, Plasterer Mohammed Iqbal, Painters Stanzin Lhadup, Tenzin Lobsang, Sonam, Ladakhis Yangchen Dolma, Padma Chondol, Dodas Bashir Ahmed, Iqbal Mohammed, Mohammed Abdullah, Faruk Ahmed, Ishat, Salim, Javed, Manzur, Abdul Latif, Javed Two, Shabir Two, Nawaz Sharif, Ghulam Mohammed, Mohammed Hafiz, Mohammed Sultan, Jambel Singh, Kurshid, Jawaz, Faruk, Nazum Din,
Abdul Jabez, Nazir; and Jigmet, Tashi Dolma, Rinchen Dolma, Stanzin Yutok and Architect Deldan Angmo.

Exhibition (and building) designed and produced by John Harrison.


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