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Heritage Walk

Come venture with us into little known by-lanes, walk through covered passageways and open fields, discover dark corners and old ruins, and explore parts of Leh town that are only possible to do on foot.


Gaze upon the intricacies of a carved wooden balcony or relish a slice of freshly baked local bread, watch a goldsmith fashion jewellery or understand the town’s complex irrigation system. These and more can be a part of your understanding of Ladakh as you tour the region.

Heritage Walks in Leh brings you an alternative experience, one that will not impact

on the fragile ecology of the town and ease the effects of pollution.

As you walk, you will learn about Ladakh’s culture and also make a difference to the region. Each walk will last for two hours, and will be led by a guide who will provide you with local insight on Leh.

Fig 7a Pathways in Old Town.JPG

Take a tour of Old Town: start from the Jama Masjid in Leh Bazaar and end at the LAMO Centre located below Leh Palace.

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