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Our Mission

The Ladakh Arts and Media Organisation strives to create an environment where people can learn, create and engage with the arts and cultures of Ladakh.


Our Vision

At LAMO, we envision an open space that:​

  1. Nurtures arts education in Ladakh through artist residencies, exhibitions, screenings, lectures, performances, workshops, research, and documentation

  2. Creates an open access database on the historical and cultural material of Ladakh through the centre's library, visual archive, and local knowledge resources.

  3. Encourages meaningful connections between people across diverse backgrounds for a deeper understanding of art in a global context

Our Story

The LAMO Centre – Cultural Rejuvenation in Old Town Leh, Ladakh

Many historic towns and heritage buildings in the Himalayas have been lost or irrevocably damaged through wars, natural disasters, and modernisation. In contrast, much of Ladakh had survived till the beginning of the 21st century. However, threats to built heritage are now imminent due to the accelerated pace of modernisation.


In 1996, co-founders Monisha Ahmed and Ravina Aggarwal established the Ladakh Arts and Media Organisation to create an environment where people can learn, create and ....

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