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Walks in Ladakh

These walks are conceptualised as an alternative experience to discover the region, in a more sustainable way. They will guide you off the main roads and onto well-treaded pathways, through narrow lanes and into open fields and up mountain trails. As you follow the walks, you will discover Ladakh’s rich history and cultural legacy.


Walks in Nubra

Nubra is a region with a rich and varied culture, and with a long history. It was an important place on the Trans-Himalayan trade routes, and the village of Charasa was once the King of Ladakh’s winter capital. Music, folklore, crafts such as weaving and basket-making were common here and, in some areas, continue to be. Vernacular architecture had regional influences, richly carved wooden balconies and screens can be seen alongside kitchens adorned with brass and copper utensils and densely painted interiors of Buddhist temples.

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