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Artist-in-Residence Program at LAMO

LAMO invites artists, writers, poets, musicians and other creative people to explore their practice in Ladakh. The Artist-in-Residence Program at LAMO provides an opportunity for reflection, research, presentation and/or production; a time and space away from your usual environment and obligations. You will have the opportunity to interact with the Ladakhi community, meet traditional art practitioners and contemporary artists, use local materials, and experience the rich artistic and cultural heritage of a unique part of the Himalayan world.

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Ladakh is located at the “cross roads” of High Asia. For centuries, it has been a place for the exchange and transmission of goods and ideas from different locations. Leh in particular was a key staging post on Central and South Asian trade routes and the region

hosted visitors hailing from Srinagar to Samarkand, Beijing to Banaras. Ladakh’s material culture reflects this cosmopolitanism; whether it be in the form of raw materials, stylistic influences and designs, or the physical presence of craft makers bringing their skills and intermingling with local artisans, suggesting that the artefactual world of Ladakh intermixes indigenous ideas with external elements. 


In keeping with Ladakh’s historical significance as a region of intercultural interaction, today LAMO emphasizes the importance of a meaningful and multi-layered cultural exchange and provide opportunities for immersion into a unique culture. It is committed to supporting emerging art practitioners and established artists from all parts of the country and the world. Situated in the Old Town of Leh, it is ideally located in an area that is steeped in history, rich in cultural heritage, vernacular architectural forms, and both traditional and contemporary art practices.

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LAMO can connect you to an extensive group of resource people in Leh. We provide academic and nonacademic local knowledge about Leh and Ladakh’s history, artistic traditions and culture that you can benefit from to contextualize your creative endeavor with us.


In addition, the LAMO library has a collection of informative books and a visual archive on Ladakh for your reference and research. There is also a Sound Studio you can use.


We encourage artists to spend at least 4 weeks in Leh.


The Artist Residency at LAMO will provide access to the Art Studio, library, and Sound Studio, as well as exhibition and workshop spaces should you want to use them.


For further details and requirements, please contact us.

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