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Old Town Heritage Walk with LAMO

Embark on a walk that will take you through the Old Town of Leh. Starting from Leh Palace at the top or the Jama Masjid in the main street, the walk will take you through winding labyrinth-like narrow pathways and past artisanal workshops, wood-fired bakeries, and historical buildings. The area is steeped in history, rich in cultural heritage, vernacular architectural forms, and both traditional and contemporary art practices. 


Exploring this area one encounters the ruins of the old walled city of Leh, quiet passages that once coursed under imposing homes, and a bustling marketplace that reflect the area’s diversity and socio-economic importance. Once the heart of Ladakh’s cultural, economic and political world, this part of the town stood witness to the developments and cross-cultural influences taking place in Ladakh. Wars, mighty rulers, celebrations and festivities, music and dance, artisans, craftspeople, traders and goods coming from as


far as the plains of India to China and Central Asia. Walking around this last surviving Tibeto-Himalayan settlement will transport you to another time, the ruins of still-standing walls echo the sounds that once filled the grand homes and each lane holds a story of a time long forgotten. 

In 2008, Old Town was declared an endangered site and included on the World Monuments Watch List. It continues to survive – a testimony to the grandeur of the artistic heritage and cultural legacy that once exemplified Ladakh. As you walk, try and imagine that time.

 RATES for Old Town Heritage Walk, 2023


 Heritage walk and visit to LAMO centre


2 to 3 hours


The Walk will include an exploration of Old Town Leh, visit and tour of LAMO Centre, plus a film screening or talk, if there is interest and time. Refreshments will be served.



For groups of over 10 people

For group of 5 to 10 people

For group of less than 5 people

For Individuals


₹700 per person

₹900 per person

₹2,000 per person

₹3,000 per person



The following extras that will be added onto the Heritage walk and / or visit to LAMO are:

Speaker / Resource Person


Dance / Music Performer 

₹5,000 per speaker / resource person

₹5,000 per performer

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